76% Of Chileans Favor New Constituent Process – Cadem Survey

76% Of Chileans Favor New Constituent Process – Cadem Survey

Cadem’s survey’s results came two weeks after the proposal for a new Constitution was rejected by 61.86 percent of voters in the September 4 referendum.

Chile: Experts To Accompany Process for a New Constitution

According to the survey, 76 percent of those polled want a new constituent process to be initiated and 23 percent disagree with beginning such a process.

Of the participants, 49 percent believe the process should be initiated through a new referendum to define whether to reform the current Constitution or draft a new one. Forty-four percent believe a political agreement must be reached to have a new Constitutional Convention.

Fifty percent of those surveyed favor drafting a new proposal, while 48 percent want the Constitution to be reformed.

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September 19, 2022

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Those who favor a mixed convention (50 percent elected and 50 percent committee of experts) as the best mechanism make up 49 percent, a fully elected convention is favored by 29 percent, and a committee of experts determined by the National Congress is favored by 19 percent.

The 2019 social outburst in Chile led to the approval of a process to achieve a new Constitution. At the referendum held last September 4, 61.86 percent rejected the new constitutional proposal, with 38.14 in favor. 

Following the victory of the rejection of the text intended to replace the 1980 Constitution from Augusto Pinochet’s dictatorship, Chile’s President Gabriel Boric pledged to continue the process of drafting another text. 

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