Argentine Police Repress Protests Against Milei in Tucuman


The “May Pact” among conservative governors will promote the exploitation of natural resources in the Argentine provinces.

On Monday, four Argentinians were detained in Tucuman while participating in a march against the policies implemented by President Javier Milei.


Argentina: Workers Hold a Day of Struggle and a Popular Pot

The protests occurred in response to the “May Pact” signed between the far-right president and 18 provincial governors, who committed to executing ten “refounding” policies for Argentina.

A woman was hospitalized due to injuries inflicted by the Tucuman police, who suppressed the demonstrators with shoves, insults, and pepper spray.

After six in the evening, a group of activists from the Great Homeland arrived at the scene with sound equipment, while other members of the Excluded Workers Movement were unloading supplies for the communal kitchen. The Argentine police attacked those present at the gathering.

Jesus Ruis, an activist from the Great Homeland Front, was detained for filming the police repression. The officers forcefully put him into an unidentified red truck and later transported him to the Urban Guard Directorate.

⚠️ Tucumán: Esta noche la policía impidió una olla popular y reprimió a manifestantes opositores a Milei. El centro de la capital provincial está bajo el control de los uniformados. Así hace los actos el régimen: a oscuras y escondido detrás de un muro de escudos. El «Pacto de…

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The text reads, “Tucuman: Tonight the police prevented a popular potluck and repressed protesters opposed to Milei. The provincial capital’s downtown is under the control of the police. The government does its actions like this: in the dark and hidden behind of a shield wall. The May Pact started badly.”

Other detained citizens included Walter Diaz, a leader of Adiunt and a university professor; Daniel Leal, a member of the Classist and Combative Current (CCC); and Peter Delgadino, an activist from the 19th of December Neighborhood Front.

“We were surprised by the police violence. Nothing like this has happened in the province for 20 years,” said Sebastian Pisarello, a member of the Meta Crisis organization.

Signed yesterday in Tucuman, the “May Pact” promotes the inviolability of private property; uncompromising fiscal balance; the reduction of public spending to 25 percent of the gross domestic product; a “useful and modern” public education; and a fiscal reform that reduces the tax burden.

The pact among conservative politicians also includes the re-discussion of federal tax revenue sharing “to permanently end the current extortionate model that provinces suffer” and the commitment of Argentine provinces to advance towards the exploitation of natural resources.

President Milei’s May Pact will also favor reforms to labor regulations, open international trade, and changes to the pension system.

«It’s sad for #Argentina (…) And whether the president comes or not, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that the Argentine people need Mercosur and Mercosur needs the Argentine people,» says Brazilian president @LulaOficial about the absence of Milei at the summit of the block.

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