Colombia’s Medellin to Ban Sale of Gas-Powered Vehicles in 2035

Colombia’s Medellin to Ban Sale of Gas-Powered Vehicles in 2035

The Colombian city of Medellin will ban the sale of gas-powered vehicles starting 2035 to help fight climate change, Mayor Daniel Quintero said Wednesday.

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«We aim to not only reduce greenhouse gases that cause global warming, but also to inspire other citizens, regions and governments around the world to join in this goal that should unite us in the spirit of saving our planet and humanity,» he said.

A climate adaptation technical committee will be created to discourage the use of gas-powered vehicles, Quintero said, noting that 9 percent of natural deaths in the Medellin Metropolitan Area are linked to diseases caused by air pollution.

«We recognize that Medellin is one of the cities most affected by climate change and that 82 percent of greenhouse gas pollutants emitted in our territory come from mobile sources,» he added.

By taking this step, the second largest city in  Colombia aims to follow the World Health Organization’s recommendations to governments everywhere.

In response to the announcement, some trade associations, such as the National Federation of Merchants, called for specific studies, strategies and actions within the framework of the decision, along with a work plan to mitigate its impact on commerce. 

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