Ecuador: New Political Leader Assassinated in the South of the Country


The victim was David Jiménez, who served as a political lieutenant of the parish El Cambio

The political lieutenant of a town in southern Ecuador was shot dead on Monday, in a new attack against a local authority allegedly perpetrated by organized crime, to which President Daniel Noboa declared since the beginning of the year the “war” by decreeing an internal armed conflict in the country.

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The victim was David Jiménez, who served as a political lieutenant of the parish El Cambio, belonging to the metropolitan area of the city of Machala, in the province of El Oro, bordering Peru.

Jiménez was driving in his car when he was intercepted by another dark-colored vehicle from which several armed men got off and opened fire on him, according to local media reports by the deputy commander of the police in El Oro, José Cóndor.

Several shots hit the victim’s skull, while the attackers fled without being located by the police. At the crime scene, officers collected at least 17 cartridges of 9-millimeter caliber bullets.

Desde el Ministerio de Gobierno hacemos llegar nuestras condolencias a la familia de David Jiménez, quien en vida fue Teniente Político de la parroquia El Cambio. Paz en su tumba.

— Ministerio de Gobierno Ecuador (@MinGobiernoEc) July 9, 2024

The text reads,
From the Ministry of Government we send our condolences to the family of David Jiménez, who during his lifetime was Political Lieutenant of the El Cambio parish. Peace in his grave.

At least four mayors have been killed since 2024, in municipalities where criminal mafias have taken root to develop illicit activities such as drug trafficking and illegal mining.

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