Ecuadorian Prosecutor’s Office To Present Charges Against Vice President Abad


In March, the authorities arrested her son for offering a public position in exchange for money.

On Monday, the Prosecutor’s Office will link Vice President Veronica Abad to the investigation of the influence peddling case known as “Nene.”


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Her alleged involvement was determined through the analysis of phone records, stated Prosecutor Carlos Alarcon, who ordered several investigative procedures, including the extension of the statement of a citizen who was hired in public administration by her direct order.

Since Abad is subject to the jurisdiction of the National Court of Justice, the Prosecutor’s Office decided to transfer the Nene Case to the unit responsible for such cases. Once the prosecutor from that unit takes over the case, they must request a meeting with the Court of Justice to formally link Abad to the criminal process. From that moment, the investigation will be extended by 30 days.

Veronica Abad was the running mate of President Daniel Noboa in the 2023 elections and took office on November 23. Due to her notable estrangement from Noboa, Abad was appointed as ambassador to Israel, where she has resided since December 2023.

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In March 2024, Ecuadorian authorities arrested her son, Sebastian Barreiro, for offering a public position in exchange for money. The beneficiary of this favor, who indeed started working as an official in the Vice Presidency, later reported this influence-peddling operation.

Previously, on Dec. 8, 2023, Barreiro and another person offered the citizen the position of Vice Presidential General Coordinator with a salary of US$3,200 per month. However, the victim had to deliver approximately US$2,000 from that amount.

To guarantee this montly payment, Barreiro and the other person convinced the victim to sign a promissory note for US$30,600, which would be used as collateral for the amount to be paid over a year.

After being arrested, Vice President Abad’s son was imprisoned in the maximum-security prison La Roca in Guayaquil. He was released after paying a bail of US$20,000.

On June 3, Veronica Abad was summoned to give a statement for the Nene case. However, the Ecuadorian vice president invoked her right to remain silent, as the Prosecutor’s Office refused to clarify whether she was summoned as a witness or a suspect.

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