Fire in California Wipes Out More Than 1,200 Hectares of Land.


The flames are spread mainly over the community of Oroville, in Butte, where about 20,000 people live.

A large fire has destroyed more than 1,200 hectares in California, United States, according to official data. The flames began last Tuesday and, due to the threat of fire, authorities have evacuated some 13,000 people from Butte County.

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According to local media, the main flares are located in the Oroville area, where about 20,000 people reside.

«The county is under red alert since last night and will remain so until tomorrow night», underlined the local fire chief, Garrett Sjolund.

On the other hand, firefighters warned that they are concerned about the celebrations of July 4, Independence Day in the United States, where pyrotechnic activities are traditionally practiced.

California wildfires rage, residents forced to evacuate
Authorities in Northern California have ordered thousands of people to evacuate as the Thompson and Toll fires have burned more than 3,000 acres of land.
The Thompson Fire, which started Tuesday morning and is under…

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«The last thing we need is someone who bought fireworks going out to do something stupid. Don’t be idiots!» said Honea, recalling at the same time that the northern territory was engulfed in four fires in two weeks.

«This is a bad fire season», insisted the sheriff of Butte, Kory Honea. Facing the tense panorama, the governor of California, Gavin Newsom, has declared a state of emergency in that territory.

The authorities also point out that “some 400 firefighters attack the flames by land with heavy machinery and by air with planes and helicopters”.

As the State Operation Center remains activated due to extreme heat and wildfires, @Cal_OES wants Californians to stay informed.

Remember to listen to authorities and visit to sign up for local emergency alerts.

See the latest forecast from @NWS below:

— California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (@Cal_OES) July 3, 2024

On the other hand, the fire department details that a team of personnel from other regions has arrived in California to collaborate in the work of extinction.

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