French PM Gabriel Attal Announces His Resignation After His Party Run Second on Sunday Elections


The French Prime Minister, Gabriel Attal, announced today that tomorrow he will present his resignation after the elections this Sunday but he was willing to lead the Executive provisionally in the face of the parliamentary blockade and the proximity of the Olympic Games.


Exit Polls Supersedes Le Pen’s Extreme Right and Give the Left-Wing Front a Wide Advantage

Attal celebrated that the Marine Le Pen’s far-right party don’t won the absolute majority and said that “Our country faces an unprecedented political situation and is preparing to welcome the world in a few weeks,” said Attal in reference to the Olympic Games in Paris that begin on the 26th.

???????????? French Prime Minister @GabrielAttal says he will hand his resignation to President Emmanuel #Macron on Monday morning.#Attal added he will carry out his functions as long as required.#Législatives2024 #ElectionsLegislatives2024

— FRANCE 24 English (@France24_en) July 7, 2024

“Therefore, I will obviously assume my duties as long as duty requires,” he added in an official statement after the projections of seats for the new National Assembly, in which the macronist bloc is second after the New Popular Front (NFP) on the left.

Attal called political groups “responsible” because in the new political map “the extremes cannot push for an absolute majority” in the Assembly, “we will always refuse to submit to the extremes we do not want everyone to fight on their own.”

Attal took over from Élisabeth Borne on 9 January. At the age of 34, he became the youngest person to lead a government during the Fifth Republic, replacing Laurent Fabius, who was appointed in 1984 at the age of 37.

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