Genetic testing company AxGen partners with English club Sheffield United

STANFORD, Calif., July 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — AxGen, Inc. a leading provider of genetic testing solutions for elite athletics, today…

STANFORD, Calif., July 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — AxGen, Inc. a leading provider of genetic testing solutions for elite athletics, today announced its partnership with the English soccer club Sheffield United. 

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«AxGen is very excited to partner with Sheffield United who represents the world’s best in international football. Sheffield United is the ideal use case for AxGen – elite and finely tuned athletes playing their sport at the highest level. AxGen protects their performance, livelihood, and longevity in football,» said AxGen CEO Dr. Stuart Kim

AxGen’s flagship product, a revolutionary genetic test for sports injury predispositions, will be used by Sheffield United training staff to create more effective training routines for all players on their first team squad. This first-of-its-kind test reports on an athlete’s likelihood to sustain any one of twelve of the most common and devastating sports injuries, including concussions, ACL tears, and achilles tendon ruptures. 

«We’re thrilled to begin working with AxGen to better understand our players’ injury risks. Injuries are the number one negative influence on a team’s performance and success, and having access to data that can predict risks is key to us preventing those injuries. We think this is a vital component of sports medicine in football,» said Ruth Titterton, Sheffield United Physiotherapist. 

The scientific rigor and validity of the tests were established in peer reviewed research from Stanford University and the University of Utah, in which all genetic markers showed genome-wide significant associations with injury from cohorts containing about 500,000 individuals in total. With genetic insight into players’ injury risks, training adaptations can be made to keep injury-prone players healthy and on the field. 

Genetic analysis is a quickly growing field in many disciplines throughout healthcare. As the functions of more and more of the genome are discovered, genetic analysis becomes crucial to understand risk of disease and how treatment should be prescribed on a unique, personalized basis. AxGen expands genetics-based personalized medicine to the world of professional sports, where any injury can prove devastating to an athlete’s career and a team’s winning chances. For professional teams and athletes, identification of the genetic basis for injury is a monumental breakthrough in ability to prevent injury before it occurs.  

AxGen makes its genetic testing and analysis available to athletes of all stripes, from the professional to amateur levels. For more information visit, or get in touch at

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