Israeli Army Kills Seven Palestinians in Jenin, West Bank


Since the start of the Israeli offensive on 7 October, more than 586 Palestinians have been killed in the West Bank.

The Israeli army killed seven Palestinians on Friday during a military incursion into the Jenin area in the northern occupied West Bank, the Palestinian authorities confirmed.

Israeli Forces Kill Over 38,000 Palestinians in Gaza Since October 7th

The occupying forces stormed the refugee camp and besieged the home of Palestinian Ahmed Marwan al Ghoul. They then shelled it and deployed snipers who opened fire.

Ahmad Basem Amouri, 20; Qusay Hazouz, 23; Fuad Aziz Ashkar, 25; and Yassim Al Aridi, 30, were killed after being attacked with a drone, according to the Palestinian National Authority’s Ministry of Health.

The deaths of 54-year-old Mohamed Jabareen and 23-year-old brothers Hamam Hashash and 19-year-old Harith Hashash were later confirmed by Israeli forces.

مسيّرة إسرائيلية تقصف منزلاً في مخيم #جنين شمالي الضفة الغربية ووزارة الصحة تعلن استشهاد 4 فلسطينيين وإصابة خامس بجروح خطيرة#حرب_غزة #فيديو

— الجزيرة فلسطين (@AJA_Palestine) July 5, 2024

The blood of the martyrs feeds the intifada against occupation and Zionist terrorism. The policies of destruction will not break the will of our people», said a statement by the Palestinian Islamic resistance movement, Hamas.

On the other hand, five Palestinian civilians died, including a woman, after being shot with live ammunition during an Israeli military incursion in the city of Beit Ummar, north of Hebron, according to the WAFA agency.

Troops stormed into the city and opened fire on civilians, injuring many of them with shrapnel and taking them to hospital for treatment.

As part of the occupation attacks, another group of residents suffered asphyxiation from inhalation of tear gas and received field treatment at the site.

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