Lyf Board launches a new family tech product to help parents with the mental load

MELBOURNE, Australia, Sept. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Family tech start-up Lyf Board, from Ezy Lyf Pty Ltd, is launching on September…

MELBOURNE, Australia, Sept. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Family tech start-up Lyf Board, from Ezy Lyf Pty Ltd, is launching on September 22nd, 2020. Voted the best family communication device by Business Insider at CES 2020, Lyf Board helps parents by centralising family management information and displaying it clearly for the right person at the right time of day.

With a distinctive retro design, it’s a new take on the family whiteboard and replaces the myriad of apps, scribbled notes, text messages and emails that parents use everyday to manage the family. Lyf Board’s attention to privacy and suite of family focused integrations and applications makes it perfect for helping manage the chaos of family life.

Lyf Board’s crowdfunding video trailer can be viewed here:

Often referred to as the mental load, the work involved in organizing and keeping a family moving day-to-day can be overwhelming and unrelenting. In many families the mental load is carried disproportionately by mothers who may share or outsource domestic duties but are still left to plan and delegate most aspects of family life on top of their work life. Lyf Board is designed to share this load by helping children to be more independent and parents more in sync with each other. 

Founders Aron Steg, a father of four, and Sarah Gibbins, a single mother of two, are on a mission to help families feel happier, healthier and more connected. They understand that parents, who were insanely busy before the COVID19 pandemic, are now juggling even more.

«More than ever before, families need technology to support them day-to-day in a more tangible way. While existing smart home screens on the market are fun to use, they are essentially using voice tech to collect consumer data that they use, to sell more products. We have designed a screen that won’t share any of your data, integrates with many of the apps you already use and can create a flow of information that works for your family.»

— Aron

«With more of us working and learning from home on screens all day, families we speak to are also particularly focused on switching off devices where possible, and spending more time together. Our display does not stream TV shows or social media. Its single job is to remind everyone what they need to do, where they are supposed to be, and when they need to be there.This helps parents, particularly mothers, achieve a better flow to their day.»

— Sarah

Aron and Sarah are launching a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter on September 22nd to raise the funds needed to get Lyf Board to market. They want to get Lyf Board to families who need it, offering discounts to early subscribers via

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