Most Bolivian Parties Agree to Suspend Their Primary Elections


MAS leader Evo Morales was present at the multi-party meeting but left without signing the final declaration.

In a meeting convened by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), Bolivian political parties on Wednesday, decided to ask the Legislative Assembly to approve a law to suspend their primary elections before the 2025 presidential elections.


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Instead of holding primaries, most political organizations participating in the “Inter-institutional Multiparty Meeting for Democracy” want to elect their new directors and presidential candidates through judicial procedures on this occasion.

Former Bolivian President Evo Morales was present at the multi-party meeting but left without signing the final declaration approved by a dozen opposition parties, including “Citizen Community” led by former President Carlos Mesa and “We Believe” led by the suspended governor of Santa Cruz, Luis Camacho.

As the leader of the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS), Morales said he would sign the multi-party declaration if the TSE recognized the congress that re-elected him as MAS leader or if the requirement for leadership renewal was lifted. He also mentioned that a MAS delegate would hold a meeting with TSE President Oscar Hassenteufel on Thursday.


????“NO tiene importancia la firma de Evo Morales”

✅TSE y partidos políticos acuerdan suspender las Elecciones Primarias.

????“Hay voluntad política de todos los partidos”, menos del ala de Evo Morales

????“Sin Primarias, las…

— RTP Bolivia (@rtp_bolivia) July 11, 2024

In the video, the TSE member Tahuichi Tahuichi Quispe makes the following statements: “Everyone agreed except Evo. His signature is not important. The TSE and political parties agree to suspend the primary elections. There is political will from all parties, except from Evo Morales’s faction. If primaries are not held, the party leaders themselves can choose their presidential candidates.”

“If this matter is resolved tomorrow, I will personally sign the agreement. Otherwise, we will defend the primaries in the streets and on the roads because it is important to respect internal primaries,” the MAS leader said.

In October 2023, Morales’ supporters held a congress in the Tropic of Cochabamba, where they reaffirmed him as MAS leader and presidential candidate. A month later, however, electoral authorities did not recognize their congress and urged the Socialist party to convene a new assembly to designate its representatives.

In May, organizations supporting Bolivian President Luis Arce called for another MAS congress to designate its new leadership, which was also rejected by electoral authorities.

As a result, the 2017 MAS leadership headed by Morales remains valid for the Supreme Electoral Tribunal. However, the participation of the Movement Towards Socialism in the 2025 presidential elections is conditioned on the renewal of its national leadership.

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