Over 82 Percent of Nicaraguans Approve of the Ortega Administration


Daniel Ortega generates a sense of hope regarding the present and future situation in Nicaragua.

On Wednesday, the company M&R Consultores presented the 77th edition of the Public Opinion Monitoring System (SISMO), a periodic study on citizens’ perceptions of the Nicaraguan economy, politics, and society.


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In the second half of the current year, 93.1 percent of the respondents believe that the country’s peace and economic and social stability should not be put at risk under any circumstances.

Currently, 82.4 percent of citizens approve of President Daniel Ortega’s administration, 12.4 percent neither approve nor disapprove, and 4.8 percent disapprove. According to 91.8 percent of the respondents, Ortega generates a sense of hope regarding the present and future situation in Nicaragua.

The data also shows that 83.2 percent of citizens believe that the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) is leading the country in the right direction. This assessment has been consistent in all SISMO surveys conducted since 2011.

Regarding the upholding of fundamental rights, 97.3 percent of the respondents assert that the freedom of enterprise is respected and 96.8 percent believe that human rights are also valued and respected.


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The text reads, “The Nicaraguan people have high approval of President Commander Daniel Ortega in his leadership of the Sandinista good government.”

Positive assessments are also noted concerning citizens’ right to express themselves freely (96.5 percent), freedom of expression in the media (96.1 percent), and freedom of religion (95.8 percent).

Additionally, 74.2 percent of the respondents believe that the Nicaraguan political, social, and economic system offers conditions for equal opportunities; 18.7 percent believe there are some conditions for equal opportunities, and 7 percent think these conditions do not exist.

The SISMO survey also presents a “Political Predisposition Index” that summarizes perceptions of hope, tranquility, and security. In the overall score, 85.2 percent of the respondents favor the actions of the FSLN, while 10.2 percent support opposition organizations.

Regarding the public works that the Ortega administration is promoting, 91.2 percent of the respondents approve of the construction of a canal linking the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. This project is also seen as a proposal that will indeed be carried out.

The SISMO survey was conducted using face-to-face interviews from June 21 to July 2. During this period, researchers interviewed 1,816 people in 99 urban and rural municipalities, achieving results with a margin of error of 2.35 percent and a confidence level of 95 percent.

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