Peruvian Prosecutor Asks for 30 Years in Prison for Keiko Fujimori


Known by the ‘Ms. K’ alias, she was the one who directed and coordinated money laundry activities.

On Tuesday, Anti-Corruption Prosecutor Jose Perez requested 30 years of imprisonment for former presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori, the daughter of former Peruvian dictator Alberto Fujimori.


Judicial Branch of Peru Rejects Preventive Detention Against Keiko Fujimori

Keiko founded the Popular Force party not only with the aim of profiting from politics but also to achieve impunity for her criminal associates, Perez said in the oral trial against her and 45 other citizens and entities.

More specifically, the anti-corruption lawyer pointed out that the Popular Force party has attempted to control the Judiciary, the Public Prosecutor’s Office, and the National Board of Justice.

Perez argued that, in her capacity as president of that party, Keiko Fujimori was aware of the income that Popular Force was collecting for its campaigning activities. The prosecutor began to describe how “the criminal organization captures assets of illicit origin with the aim of mixing the money with illicit assets.”

Peru ???????? :The trial of Keiko Fujimori for corruption began.The Prosecutor’s Office requests a 30-year sentence for the daughter and political heir of former dictator Alberto Fujimori-85 years old -who over the weekend said his willingness to run in the next Presidential Elections

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One of the prosecution’s witnesses, businessman Antonio Camayo, confirmed that Keiko Fujimori was known by the alias ‘Ms. K’ and that she was the one who directed and coordinated the criminal activities.

Citing the facts related to the money laundering crime between 2011 and 2016, Perez recalled that the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht admitted to the United States Department of Justice that it had paid bribes to finance political campaigns.

The anti-corruption prosecutor announced that the former president of the Bank of Credit of Peru, Dionisio Romero, will attend the trial because he will testify that he personally handed over US$3.6 million in cash to Fujimori after withdrawing that money from his bank’s vault in Lima.

During the hearing, Perez mentioned that the National Confederation of Private Business Institutions (CONFIEP) collected US$2 million from 14 business groups, under the guise of a campaign to promote private investment, to hand over to Fujimori’s presidential campaign in 2011.

Similarly, the RASMUSS Investments business group collected US$3.5 million in cash to hand over to people trusted by Fujimori, such as Jaime Yoshiyama and Augusto Bedoya.

The illegal contributions received by her party for the 2011 and 2016 presidential campaigns amount to US$17 million, said Rafael Vela, the coordinator of the Special Team of Prosecutors against Corruption.

#FromTheSouth News Bits | The trial against former Peruvian dictator Alberto Fujimori, his former advisor Vladimiro Montesinos, and 21 other people investigated for the crime of aggravated homicide in the Pativilca massacre case began this Monday, according to judicial sources.

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