President Nicolás Maduro Is Ready to Sign an Agreement Together With the Electoral Power


President Nicolás Maduro is ready to sign an agreement with the Electoral Power so that all candidates accept the results dictated by the CNE

On Monday, during the broadcast of the program “Con Maduro+”, the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, ratified his commitment to recognize the results of the presidential elections of July 28.

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He pointed out that he is ready to sign -before the Electoral Power- an agreement where “all candidates recognize the bulletin that the CNE (National Electoral Council) will read on election day”.

He also highlighted the work of the electoral body as an entity promoting Venezuelan democracy. “I believe in the electoral system, I believe in Venezuelan democracy, I believe in the people, in deep and true democracy. I’m ready,” he said.

The Venezuelan president recalled that he has been the promoter of dialogue in the country, a formula he learned from Commander Hugo Chávez, who always called for dialogue, understanding and respect for the Constitution.

#Noticia ???? | Presidente Maduro está listo para firmar acuerdo electoral ➡️

— Prensa Presidencial (@PresidencialVen) June 11, 2024

The text reads, President Maduro is ready to sign electoral agreement

“Once the CNE reads the results of July 28 in the evening, that blessed day of victory, the first thing I will do as President of the Republic, already ratified by the people, will be to convene a great cultural, business, social, political dialogue with the whole society venezuelan”, he stressed.

In this context, he pointed out that this dialogue seeks to harmonize the vision towards the future, while rejecting any act of violence and guarimba promoted by the right through the electoral campaign. “

They always use electoral campaigns to try to destabilize the economy, the public, politics to try to disrupt the hornet’s nest, but we will not allow it, in Venezuela peace will triumph before, during and after July 28, because peace came to stay, and for peace we will give our life so that the people have tranquility and stability,” he concluded.

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