Spain Announces New €16 Million Aid Package for Palestine


At the meeting, Sánchez demanded respect for international law and reiterated that recognizing Palestine as a state is the best guarantee of security for Israel and the region.

The president of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, announced on Tuesday an additional package of 16 million euros in support of Palestine.

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Speaking at the International Conference on Emergency Humanitarian Response for Gaza, Sanchez said “Our commitment to Palestine will continue and intensify in 2024. I am delighted to announce that Spain will mobilise this year an additional €16 million package in support of Palestine”.

The Spanish president asked to increase the aid sent to Gaza and pressure Hamas and Israel to reach a truce in the terms approved by the UN Security Council on Monday.

Sánchez said We welcome the Security Council resolution with the US proposal. for a ceasefire» and stressed that pressure must be increased for an immediate ceasefire to be reached.

«Spain is committed to the protection of civilians, compliance with international humanitarian law and the arrival of all necessary humanitarian aid to Gaza.

Today, at the working group in the framework of the Humanitarian Response Conference for Gaza, in Jordan.»

— Embassy of Spain USA (@SpainInTheUSA) June 11, 2024

Regarding the recognition of Palestine as a State, the president reiterated that it is the «best guarantee of security for Israel and the region».

The Spanish president exchanged with the Prime Minister of Lebanon, Najib Mikati; the Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority (PNA), Mohamed Mustafa, and with the President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, as well as with the UN Secretary General, António Guterres.

Moreover, the spokesman of the Jordanian Foreign Ministry, Sofian al Qudah, said in a statement “It is important to start a reconstruction process in Gaza in the context of a comprehensive plan to implement the two-state solution”.

The event, which takes place in the city of the Dead Sea, includes leaders of countries, heads of government and organizations from 75 countries, including Spain, Colombia and Mexico.

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