State of Emergency Declared in Region Preparing for Anti-Government Protests in Peru


The measure in the province of San Román will cover 30 days and suspends constitutional rights.

The Government of Peru declared a state of emergency in the province of San Román, department of Puno, considered one of the territories most opposed to President Dina Boluarte in that South American country.

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According to the decree, published on July 5, the suspension of constitutional rights in that region, which include inviolability of the home or freedom of assembly, is established and will last for 30 days.

The decision, according to the Government, owes a «serious threat to the internal order», under the argument that this region has increased the number of crimes by crime and organized crime.

“There is information about the serious threat to the internal order in the province of San Román in the department of Puno, due to the foreseeable increase in the commission of crimes against life, body and health, freedom and property,” the text says.

Puno: Gobierno declara Estado de emergencia en San Román a pocas semanas de que se produzca protesta contra Dina Boluarte.

— Revista Caretas (@Caretas) July 8, 2024

Among the violent actions, there are “homicides, injuries, rapes, assault and armed robbery and other related crimes”.

This measure interrupts a regional strike planned by organizations in Puno for July 25 and 26, so the decision was disagreed, stating that the state of emergency seeks to avoid protests at the end of the month.

Similarly, those organizations ensured their participation in the main anti-government mobilization, which will take place between 27 and 29 July.

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