The Electoral Drill Gives a Lesson to Those Who Attack Venezuela: Rodriguez


“Countries attacking us don’t have an electoral system like ours. Hopefully, they’ll respect us after observing what is happening in this drill,” he stated.

On Sunday afternoon, Jorge Rodriguez, the head of “Our Venezuela” campaign, evaluated the progress of the electoral drill that Venezuelans are conducting in preparation for the presidential elections on July 28.


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“We have a solid democracy that has never succumbed to calls for violence,” he said, reminding that 30 elections have been held since Commander Hugo Chavez initiated the Bolivarian Revolution.

To illustrate his assessment of the maturity of Venezuelan democracy, Rodriguez, who is also a legislator for the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), recalled that in recent years alone, several crucial electoral processes have taken place.

President Nicolas Maduro achieved his re-election in the 2018 elections. Then, in 2019, mayoral and municipal council elections were held, and one year later, the parliamentary elections allowed Venezuelans to “remove” those who “stole Venezuela’s assets,” Rodriguez emphasized.

Subsequently, Venezuelans chose their governors in 2021 and, a year later, the communes held an election to define the projects to be carried out in their territories. In 2023, electoral authorities called a referendum through which the Venezuelan people reaffirmed their sovereignty over the Essequibo region.

Finally, in 2024, Venezuela will hold new presidential elections, “in compliance with the periods stipulated in the Constitution and laws,” Rodriguez highlighted, recalling that the U.S.-backed opposition used to maliciously claim that there would be no presidential elections this year.

#InPictures | Electoral simulation day continues in Venezuela.

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“We are deeply satisfied with the citizen response to the drill. There is a massive participation in all territories. I congratulate the Venezuelan people, the National Electoral Council, and the Bolivarian Armed Forces,” he added, stressing the immense presence of the elderly, who are seeking to familiarize themselves with the voting machines.

“This simulation is unprecedented. No country has this type of event… It is a lesson for the world because the electoral drill demonstrates the strength of democracy in Venezuela. Those countries that attack us do not have an electoral system like ours. Hopefully, they will respect us after observing what is happening in today’s simulation and what will happen on July 28,” Rodriguez pointed out.

“Hopefully, there will be a crack in their arrogance so they can realize that Venezuela lives in peace and is the continent’s safest country. Achieving this cost us a lot. We do not believe in coups or unconstitutional exits,” Rodriguez stressed.

“Every time some political sector has attempted to disrupt peace, the Venezuelan people have taken to the streets to defend the republic. Through this simulation, people want to give a lesson to those who have attacked us: No American or European has to come and tell us what to do,” he concluded.

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