The Venezuelan Electoral Drill Was Successful: Elvis Amoroso


Citizens took an average of 38 seconds to cast their votes. This demonstrates the speed of the automated system, he said.

On Monday, Elvis Amoroso, the president of the National Electoral Council (CNE), congratulated the Venezuelan people for their extraordinary participation in the electoral drill held on June 30.


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He thanked the National Bolivarian Armed Forces (FANB), the state security bodies, media, ministries, and institutions of the National Logistics Committee for their support.

In Sunday’s simulation, “citizens took an average of 38 seconds to cast their votes. This demonstrates the speed of the automated system,” the CNE president stressed, adding that international observers are at the voting centers where the machine audits are being conducted.

CNE Vice President Carlos Quintero highlighted that the electoral simulation met all its objectives related to participation, voting times, and connectivity.

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“We met the three fundamental objectives, but we still have core activities remaining. Today we have the audits of the voting books. On July 4, all production protocols will also be certified. Then the adjustment of the electoral machines and their deployment throughout the country will begin,” he said.

Quintero also emphasized that 74 percent of the electoral schedule has been completed and noted that the Electoral Simulation demonstrated the CNE’s efficiency and effectiveness over more than 20 years.

The CNE vice president pointed out that a contingency plan will be in place during the electoral process on July 28. Finally, Quintero confirmed that all logistical and operational aspects are ready for the presidential elections to be held on July 28.

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