The Venezuelan People March Supporting the Patriotic Pole Campaign


Gigantic marches have characterized this day, attended by thousands of Venezuelans in support of President Maduro.

On Thursday, while the electoral campaigns begin with a view to the presidential elections on July 28, massive marches supporting the re-election of President Nicolas Maduro at the head of the Patriotic Pole, have flooded Venezuela.

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Giant marches have characterized this first day attended by thousands of Venezuelans. As the head of the Venezuela Nuestra Campaign Command, Jorge Rodríguez, put it, the figure of 70 cities is a tribute to the 70 years of Commander Hugo Chávez.

In Caracas (capital city), the march began in Sucre Square in the town of Catia, where thousands of Venezuelans gathered to give their support to President Nicolás Maduro on the way to the Miraflores Palace.

In statements offered to the multiplatform informative teleSUR by Venezuelan citizens, they assured that they attend the march for believing “firmly in this Revolution”, with the chavista spirit of “all with Maduro”.

En #Venezuela arranca la campaña rumbo a las elecciones presidenciales del #28J. @NicolasMaduro Jefe de Estado y candidato por el partido de gobierno PSUV, inició contienda en Zulia, estado con mayor cantidad de votantes del país, representa el 12,13% del padrón. Siga el ????

— Adriana Sivori (@SivoriteleSUR) July 4, 2024

The text reads,
In Venezuela the campaign begins towards the presidential elections of 28J .
Nicolas Maduro Head of State and candidate for the government party PSUV, started the race in Zulia, the state with the largest number of voters in the country, representing 12.13% of the registry.

“The legacy of Chavez, the love we have for him is the guarantee of all those demands that were annulled. Here the health is guaranteed, the study is guaranteed, the security, the social welfare of all Venezuelans, whether or not chavistas,” he said.

Also, one of the attendees interviewed stressed that “we are all to be part of these free and transparent and democratic elections. Democracy is guaranteed here in Venezuela”.

Another interviewee indicated that he is on the street “for the achievements, for a revolutionary project, for the attention and gratitude we owe to Commander Chavez, maximum leader of this. And what better than to celebrate his 70 years here?”.

The Venezuelan electoral campaign will end on July 25, but in the first ten days, marches like this day will take place in 335 municipalities to commemorate the 70 years that Comandante Chávez would be.

The elections of July 28 have 10 candidates, of which only eight signed the agreement to respect the election results.

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