Venezuela Appeals to Colombia for Cooperation in Investigating Plans of Right-Wing Magniciders and Destabilizers


Venezuela requested “to coordinate the relevant mechanisms in the field of international criminal cooperation that would allow the conduct of these proceedings”.

Venezuela’s attorney general, Tarek William Saab announced on Monday that he requested his Colombian counterpart Luz Adriana Camargo Garzón, assistance to investigate the assassination and destabilizing plans and identify contacts between the Venezuelan right and Colombian paramilitary groups.

Venezuelan Armed Forces Won’t Allow Destabilization with Colombian Paramilitaries

During a press conference in which he showed the progress related to the investigation of the new conspiracy plot denounced from Colombia, the prosecutor detailed that the Public Prosecutor’s Office came into direct contact with Doctor Luz Adriana Camargo Garzón.

He indicated that he sent him a communication requesting “their valuable collaboration to allow the participation of this institution in the investigation that may be being carried out in Colombian territory, as well as the conduct of interviews with alleged witnesses of the events”.

In this regard, Venezuela requested “to coordinate the relevant mechanisms in the area of international criminal cooperation to enable these actions to be carried out, so that those responsible for these actions may be prosecuted by the Venezuelan justice”.

Fiscal General Tarek William Saab solicitó cooperación de Colombia para investigar planes magnicidas y desestabilizadores #8Jul

— Ministerio Público venezolano (@MinpublicoVEN) July 8, 2024

The text reads,
Attorney General Tarek William Saab requested cooperation from Colombia to investigate assassination and destabilizing plans, Declaration in Spanish.

In that sense, he affirmed that the letter is already in the hands of the Attorney General of Colombia, who also has the contact of the Venezuelan prosecutor, “to start acting forcefully against these criminals”.

He also specified that on this day he came into contact with a liaison in Colombian territory, by whom it was known that exactly two months ago, the extreme right made the first contact with the Colombian paramilitary group in La Guajira through an alleged representative of the Venezuelan opposition and subsequently, there were three meetings in a restaurant.

“There were always three people. Two whites and a grouse, without beards, and of an average height of one meter with seventy-five. All identified themselves as supporters of the Venezuelan extreme right that acts in the country in the middle of the electoral campaign with this opposition extreme right sector and asked this criminal group to attack President Nicolás Maduro in some of the street acts or electricity infrastructure in Zulia state, especially in the last days of campaigning and trying to leave the country without light,” he said.

Likewise, it was known this Monday that “in case of losing the opposition, they asked him to join marches to cause violence, since the results will not be recognized”.

The Venezuelan prosecutor revealed that, according to the liaison, he “they showed maps indicating the electrical infrastructure and photos of the Miraflores Palace, they offered political asylum to those who were supposed to be with them in these actions, and no payment was made”.

#Atención | El fiscal general de Venezuela, William Tarek Saab, aseguró que miembros de la extrema derecha venezolana le pidieron, en una reunión en La Guajira, a grupos paramilitares, atentar contra el presidente Nicolás Maduro.

— RCN Radio (@rcnradio) July 8, 2024

The text reads,
The Attorney General of Venezuela, William Tarek Saab, assured that members of the Venezuelan extreme right asked paramilitary groups, in a meeting in La Guajira, to attack President Nicolás Maduro.

The head of the Venezuelan Public Ministry described the event as a “new, brutal, terrible and threatening episode of the continued plot that began in May 2023. That has been climbing in terms increasingly serious”.

The attorney general showed a first video reading a statement, where the Autodefensas Conquistadoras de la Sierra claimed that units of La Guajira had been contacted by groups of the Venezuelan extreme right to destabilize the government.

Meanwhile, he projected a second video that came out on July 6, addressed to the presidents of Colombia Gustavo Petro and Venezuela Nicolás Maduro, reaffirming the will for peace of the Autodefensas Conquistadoras de la Sierra, and requesting the Colombian president to adopt the appropriate measures to provide information to the Venezuelan authorities on the extreme right groups that have made this request.

Consequently, he warned how delicate is the sickly recidivism of the far right, because in recent months cases of conspiracy to sow violence in the country came to light, such as assassination attempts against President Nicolás Maduro, the White Bracelet conspiracy, the Fortunato Espionage or the La Vignette Killer case, in which there are several detainees and defendants.

In that sense, he reported on the arrest of a subject who on social networks and groups of Whatsapp threatened and instigated the murder against the Venezuelan president in the state of Monagas, during the pre-election campaign.

“We cannot ignore this new event where they want to generate chaos and anxiety. Even, they already say that they will not know the results of July 28,” he said.

He invited to read the article The War of the Future. The arrival of hybrid conflict, which speaks of hybrid war. “The hybrid war against Venezuela is a broad-spectrum war, simultaneously deployed in different internal areas and also projecting abroad to impact world public opinion”.

In this regard, he indicated that resources are used such as economic blockade, internal and external sabotage of infrastructure services, cyber-attacks, psychological warfare, media manipulation and social networks, the use of common militarity or paramilitarism.

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