Venezuelan Far-Right Sought Colombian Paramilitaries’ Support: Mancuso


The AUC leader revealed details about plans to destabilize the administration of the late President Hugo Chavez.

On Monday, Venezuela News published the full interview that journalist Pedro Carvajalino conducted with the former commander of the paramilitary United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC), Salvatore Mancuso.


Who is the Paramilitary Group That Denounced a Venezuelan Far-Right Destabilization Plan?

In late June, he revealed details about the Venezuelan far-right’s plans to destabilize the administration of the late President Hugo Chavez in 2002. More specifically, Mancuso disclosed that the Venezuelan opposition sought to execute a coup d’état with the support of Colombian armed groups.

“There was significant interest from Venezuelan politicians and businessmen who came to Colombia seeking support from the paramilitaries to overthrow President Chavez… With the backing of some Venezuelan military members, they wanted to bomb Miraflores and kill Chavez at a bankers’ meeting,” Mancuso said.

Among the Venezuelan far-right politicians mentioned by Mancuso are Henrique Capriles, Oswaldo Alvarez Paz, Zingg Machado, and Alfredo Catalan. To carry out their plans, the Venezuelan far-right also sought advice on torture techniques from the Israeli mercenary Yair Klein, according to the interview published by Venezuelan News

“They were taught to use different methods, which indeed involved torture, such as placing a bag over the head, water, and all these things,” Mancuso recalled.

????Presidente @NicolasMaduro denuncia que derecha venezolana contactó a paramilitares colombianos para desestabilizar al país y atentar contra su vida y exige investigación al @MinpublicoVEN

????Con Maduro de Repente

— Agencia Venezuela News (@VNVenezuelanews) July 6, 2024

The text reads, “President Nicolas Maduro denounces that the Venezuelan right contacted Colombian paramilitaries to destabilize the country and attack his life. He demands an investigation from the Prosecutor’s Office.”

Regarding the ongoing situation in Colombia, the former paramilitary said that the internal war has extended due to the actions of far-right figures such as former President Alvaro Uribe, who even betrayed his former partners.

“Of course, Uribe betrayed us. He didn’t want us to sign the agreements we reached in Ralito. I tell Uribe that just as we were partners in war, he should help us be partners in peace,” Mancuso stressed.

The former AUC leader returned to Colombia in February after having been in a U.S. prison serving an 18-year sentence for crimes related to drug trafficking. Once on Colombian territory, he was placed in the custody of the Penal and Prison Institute of Colombia (INPEC).

On Monday, however, the Attorney General’s Office announced that Mancuso is not currently being investigated for any crime and may be released. Currently, he fears for his life due to the revelations he made about Uribe’s far-right political apparatus.

#Colombia | Violence by irregular armed groups and narco-paramilitaries continues in Colombia.

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