Venezuelan Update: ‘This Day Strengthens Our Democracy’, Amoroso States


100 percent of the voting machines are operational at the polling stations, the CNE President confirmed.

On Sunday, Elvis Amoroso, the president of the National Electoral Council (CNE), confirmed that 100 percent of the polling stations are installed to serve citizens in the simulation prior to the presidential elections to be carried out on July 28.


Venezuelans Begin to Attend the Presidential Election Simulation

“We are monitoring all aspects of this historic drill,” he said, adding that international observers are already deployed throughout the national territory.

“This day strengthens Venezuelan democracy. We have achieved 100 percent attendance of the CNE technical staff and 100 percent of the voting machines are operational at the polling stations,” he added.

“Let’s all participate. This simulation has 1,174 voting centers so that all the Venezuelan people, in any region and town in the country, can become familiar with our voting machines, which are the best in the world,” Amoroso pointed out.

Una muestra de lo que Serna las elecciones presidenciales del #28JUL en Venezuela.

Así va el simulacro. Ful elector@s.

— Madelein Garcia (@madeleintlSUR) June 30, 2024

The text reads, “A sample of what the Venezuelan presidential elections will be like on July 28. This is how the drill goes. Full of voters.”

In the July 28 elections, over 21.6 million Venezuelans are eligible to elect the person who will occupy the presidency of their country for the next 6 years.

In order to participate in today’s electoral simulation, citizens only need to present their identity card at any of the voting centers.

“Venezuela has been able to move forward. Despite the blockade and sanctions, we have never stopped holding elections. We have always complied with the law and the Constitution,” said Diosdado Cabello, the first vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela ( PSUV) after casting your vote in the June 30 simulation.

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— teleSUR English (@telesurenglish) June 25, 2024

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