Verb Launches AI-Powered, Text-Based Service Accountability Partner and Life Coach In One

NEW YORK, Sept. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Verb, the only health and wellness accountability platform that engages users specifically through SMS…

NEW YORK, Sept. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Verb, the only health and wellness accountability platform that engages users specifically through SMS texts, today announced its official launch out of stealth. An AI accountability partner and life coach in one, Verb offers total anonymity and privacy without requiring an app, a wearable device or specialized equipment. Verb engages users from the convenience of their mobile phones, helping to maintain personal accountability and fitness by learning an individual’s habits. Through daily SMS interactions, Verb encourages individuals to be accountable in key areas including sleep habits, water intake, nutrition, work, stress and other customizable metrics. To date, Verb has had over 11,000 sign ups, with over 45% of users using the platform on a daily basis, far greater than traditional mobile app engagement, which drops below 80% after the first three days. Verb’s anonymous approach to accountability has been particularly helpful during COVID-19, as individuals seek to improve their physical and mental health during quarantine.

Verb focuses on improving daily habits in small increments, as a method to addressing overall wellness. The platform engages individuals and helps them to better understand how simple behaviors influence outcomes, making it possible for users to make lasting, sustainable changes and reach their goals. Most current health and wellness devices and apps merely track individual behaviors without providing context; Verb offers intelligent analysis of all data, then assigns each individual a personal coach that delivers one-on-one feedback, tailored to the unique needs of the user.

Verb is the brainchild of serial entrepreneur Vincent Miceli, founder of the Body Blueprint Gym, who himself successfully overcame obesity, drug and alcohol addiction, and personal bankruptcy. Verb is founded on the principles Vin used to achieve his goals, including a high level of personal accountability for small, daily goals.

«Verb was born through my success in overcoming significant personal obstacles in my life, obstacles that aren’t unlike what others deal with,» said Miceli. «As friends and family saw how quickly I was able to make measurable changes there was a clear interest in sharing my technique with others. Verb is built on the premise that everyone has the capacity to accomplish any goal, simply by making a consistent effort to improve daily habits. We have thousands of people using Verb today, prior to our official launch, which demonstrates the real need for highly personalized, anonymous engagement that makes it easy for individuals to be honest and accountable and get the support that is right for them.

Verb works with over 200 credentialed fitness, wellness and life coaches and partners them with individual users. SMS-based interactions between user and coach encourage honest, private documentation, providing valuable insights into daily habits. Verb’s use of AI and machine learning helps coaches deliver targeted feedback and action plans designed to give the user greater consistency and success.

«I have been working with clients for over five years to help them reach their fitness and health goals,» said Jake Zemer, certified nutritionist, personal trainer and Verb coach. «Verb is the first platform I’ve used that encourages quick accountability and total transparency, making it easy for me to develop bespoke plans to meet clients’ needs. With fitness and wellness centers closed or working at diminished capacity during COVID-19, Verb has opened up new opportunities to use my skills and help clients achieve their goals.»

How Verb works

Verb’s UX allows users to control anonymity, thereby encouraging greater honesty and more relevant feedback through daily check-ins. By employing neural networks and natural language processing (NLP), Verb is able to extract insights from unstructured, SMS-based conversations that empower coaches to provide actionable feedback for the benefit of encouraging bespoke, positive behavior change.

Verb works in three key areas:

  • Personalization: Users can set custom reminders, adjust message timing and ask open-ended questions to coaches.
  • Accountability: Verb encourages daily check-ins with a coach to help track key health metrics and keep the user on track.
  • Customization: Verb tailors advice, feedback and workouts to each individual, using daily messages and weekly reviews to provide bespoke, powerful tools for achieving lasting change.

Verb’s AI technology is also the first of its kind to analyze food data, helping coaches create bespoke programs based on accurate nutritional analysis. 

Verb’s SMS features are free for users who want to track daily habits with the benefit of coach support and engagement. For an additional fee, users can take advantage of bespoke programs with coaches, including customized workouts, personalized nutrition or 1:1 training programs. Sign up for Verb at

About Verb

Verb is an affordable, SMS-based, AI accountability platform focused on helping individuals make sustainable changes that positively impact their life. Verb connects users to highly-qualified health, wellness and life coaches through SMS texts, ensuring total anonymity and privacy, without requiring an app, a wearable or any specialized equipment. Verb is the only AI-powered solution of its kind, focused daily on multiple aspects of an individual’s overall wellness, including fitness, nutrition, sleep and stress management, mood and work/life balance. Verb was founded in December 2018 and is headquartered in New York, NY. Find out more at or follow us on Instagram.

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